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Tournament Entry.  We reserve the right to refuse entry and to place players into appropriate sections.


CFC Membership.  All players must be current CFC members.


Refunds.  100% refunds will be issued for players who give notice at least 24 hours prior to the first round.


Byes.  Half-point byes for any round may be requested provided sufficient notice is given to the Tournament Director.  Final round byes are worth zero points.


Forfeits.  A game is considered forfeited if a player is one hour late based on the advertised start time for the round.  Forfeited games are CFC rated unless the player who forfeits can successfully argue that their absence was due to conditions beyond their control.


Ratings. The primary rating used for pairings and class prize eligibility is the CFC regular rating provided it is current.  If a player possesses another recognized rating (e.g. FIDE/USCF/FQE) that is more current, the organizer may substitute that rating incorporating any adjustment considered reasonable.  Other ratings such as CFC Quick ratings and online ratings may be considered for section placement only.  Unrated players may compete for section prizes but not sub-section prizes that are reserved for players with lower than specified ratings.  Unrated players may play up to the second-lowest section without paying a play-up fee.


Prizes. Prizes will be distributed within 48 hours of the end of the event.  Certain special prizes such as top woman may be in addition to other prizes but in general a player is entitled to only one prize.


Tie-break.  Cash prizes are divided equally.  Indivisible prizes such as trophies will be awarded by tie-break formulae as follows:

  1. Direct encounter (note this might not apply if more than two people are tied for a prize);
  2. Buchholz (non-corrected sum of opponents’ total scores);
  3. Cumulative score


Siblings.  We will endeavor, if asked, to avoid pairing family members.  This may not be possible in the later rounds.


Fair Play.  It is a serious offence to receive outside help.  Players are not to have electronic devices such as cell phones in their possession when their games are in progress, whether turned on or not.  They may be stored in a bag under the table or placed on the table.  Players are forbidden to leave the playing area when it is their move.  It is forbidden to discuss your game with anyone until it is over, or any game in progress with one of the players involved.


Photography.  Photography by players is allowed until the start of each round.  Photography by spectators is allowed in the first 10 minutes of each round.  By participating in the event, players agree that publicity photographs may be taken at any time by the organizers.


Refreshments.  No food is to be consumed in the playing hall.  Most hotels where our events are held do not allow food from outside the hotel to be brought in.  Players may bring and consume liquids.


Merchandise and Advertising.  This is not allowed without approval of the organizer.

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